GAON An abbreviation for ‘Gaondae,’ a pure Korean word meaning ‘foundation.’
What we dream of
GAON aims for the naturalness of the warm sun, clear water, and fertile soil.
It contains only what is necessary, in a sufficient and healthy amount.
A ‘GAONDAE’ of healthy skin, honest use of ingredients and the right approach – GAON makes it.
100% certified by Korea Agency of Vegan Certification Services Experience GAON, containing seeds, sprouts, grains, and herbs.
‘Certified Vegan cosmetics’ pursuing ethical beauty
From our raw ingredients to our manufacturing process, to our opposition to animal testing, Experience GAON’s vegan-certified products that have undergone 100% environmentally friendly testing!
# No animal ingredients added # Against animal testing # Animal DNA-free verification completed
Recognized for its Package Design
As a brand that is dedicated to ethical values, GAON was recognized for its design value and awarded the ‘Winner’ in the package design category at the 2020 Red Dot Design Awards.
  • A relaxing time for myself
    Whole Ingredients, Social Responsibility, Pricing …. you can set aside all of these concerns for a while with GAON, which is made with honesty and integrity. Leave it to GAON and relax.
  • A relaxing time for my skin
    Creates rich products with minimal ingredients. We use fresh, natural ingredients because we believe that what is the most natural is the most beautiful.
  • Relaxing time for nature
    Knowing the value of all creatures of the world, we practice environmental protection by using easy-to-recycle packages and inks extracted from soybean oil.