Coreana Code of Ethics
Coreana Cosmetics shares “company that shares happiness” as its management policy, and promises to implement them by establishing standards for honest actions and value judgments that each employee should follow.
Chapter 1 Responsibilities and Obligations to Customers
1. Customer Respect
Always listen to customers' opinions and make customer satisfaction the top priority for all judgments and actions. Based on honesty and transparency, we strive to receive trust and respect from customers.
2. Values
Provide the best products and services with reasons and continue to create value that satisfies the customer.
Chapter 2 Employee Responsibilities
1. Respect for employees
The company treats each employee as an independent person and respects their character and dignity. The company establishes a working system and education system so that individuals can work honestly with a sense of ownership. Respect individual privacy and create a mature organizational culture based on mutual trust and understanding.
2. Fair Treatment
Equal opportunities shall be granted according to the qualifications and abilities of the employees. The employees' abilities and achievements shall be evaluated and duly compensated. The company shall greet and treat fairly regardless of gender, educational background, religion, region of origin, physical condition, etc. in employment, work, promotion, etc.
3. Promote Creativity
It encourages original thinking and autonomous behavior of employees and actively supports for development of capabilities, and fosters talent from a long-term perspective. A system and the environment shall be created so that employees can freely propose, suggest, and display difficulties.
4. Accomplishing Mission
Executives and employees faithfully carry out their respective missions according to the company's vision and policy. They shall follow all relevant laws and regulations and do their best in completing them. They shall manage company's property and protect confidential factors acquired for business. Active cooperation and smooth communication between colleagues and related departments increase work efficiency.
5. Fair Performance of Duties
All duties shall be performed honestly and fairly, and efforts shall always be made to create a sound corporate culture. Executives and employees shall not request, receive, or convey any form of financial interest that may impede fairness in relation to their duties to stakeholders. Executives and employees shall not engage in unethical or illegal activities that may be socially criticized in relation to their duties and daily lives. It should not be used for personal purposes such as misappropriating or embezzling the company's physical and intellectual property for personal benefit.
Chapter 3 Responsibilities and Obligations to Our Partners
1. Equal opportunity
The company gives all qualified companies equal opportunities to participate in the registration and selection of business opportunities. Registration and selection of partners shall be carried out in a reasonable manner according to objective and fair screening standards.
2. Fair Trade
All transactions with partners must be carried out fairly in equal positions, and sufficient consultations are made on conditions and procedures. It does not engage in any form of unfair behavior using superior status. Information necessary for business is provided to each other in a timely manner through appropriate procedures, and results are regularly evaluated and complemented according to fair standards.
3. Pursuing Mutual Development
Through technical support and management guidance, it actively supports partners to grow competitive in the long run and pursues mutual development through innovation. We will work together to create a transparent trading environment and maintain a fair trading order.
Chapter 4, Responsibilities and obligations to the Nation and Society
1. Healthy Business Activities
The project shall be carried out in respect of the social values of the relevant area, regardless of domestic and foreign countries. The company establishes fair business through clean and transparent transactions with its partners. It seeks to expand its business on the basis of stable growth of the company.
2. Contributions to Social Development
It contributes to the development of the nation and to the development of society through cultural and welfare projects through the creation of employments and honest tax payment.
3. Environmental Protection
Efforts are made to prevent environmental pollution and protect nature to preserve a clean environment.