The Start of a Firm Skin Base
  • Premium Functional Brand
    Seduire is a premium functional brand that integrates 30 years of R&D technology of Coreana cosmetics. Based on carefully selected ingredients derived from nature and excellent technology to effectively deliver its effects to the skin, Seduire makes the skin firm.
  • Seduire Wrinkle Rescue Eye and Face Cream
    An all-in-one eye and face cream with a light, soft feeling and highly concentrated ampoule cream that densely fills the skin that has lost its elasticity and creates a firm skin base.
  • Seduire Turnover Energy 21 Ampoule
    It is an intensive moisturizing essence filled with 7 kinds of flower extracts including camellia flower extract, pyrus communis flower extract, and safflower extract.
A Firming Premium Functional Brand