A brand that provides a healthy daily life to the skin
"The pursuit of beauty based on skin science“ A daily skin care brand that provides a new standard of beauty as a result of long-term research only for the skin
TS CERAMAX™ Ceramide complex specially combined with biomimetic water that resembles our body helps skin barrier health, which is the core of strong skin, and makes skin healthy from the basics. BABY HYDRO CODE™ Innovative mimic BABY HYDRO CODEM containing natural moisturizing factors creates an ideal moisture barrier by creating a moisture environment similar to baby skin. BLUE LOTUS EXTRACT The blue lotus, known as the flower of purification since ancient times, has an excellent soothing effect and abundant moisture to care for the dryness that causes skin aging and protects the skin from harmful environments.
  • Biocos Daily Healing Cream
    A contemporary skin care brand that fills the skin with moisture and nutrients with eco-friendly ingredients for worn out and sensitive skin to make the skin moist and full of energy.
  • Biocos 2-Step Mask
    An urban skin care brand that makes dry and dull skin moist and bright from the inside by taking care of wrinkles and whitening at the same time with a 2-step mask containing collagen and vitamin C.