Contains angelica, the angel’s herb.
Not everyone has sensitive skin, but anyone can experience the discomfort of skin sensitivity at any time.
We think that skin sensitivity is not someone else's problem, but an inconvenience that affect anyone. That's how our research began, based on our belief in the power of developing good habits for healthy skin.
Contains angelica, an angel’s herb Prescription + angelica = Preange
It is filled with ‘Angelica,’ an angel’s herb with a level of vitality strong enough to sprout every single day even in harsh environments, helping to protect delicate skin and develop habits for healthy skin.
Preange researches our ingredients thoroughly, as we believe that what you put on your skin becomes your skin itself.
Preange introduces hypoallergenic products by conducting skin irritation tests on all products.
Preange applies a delicate prescription in order to protect skin so that it can be used mildly even on skin that is vulnerable to changes in the external environment.
Only the ingredients that are essential for your skin are used.
Preange aims to use eco-friendly ingredients for sustainable health.
Preange aims to use eco-friendly materials (FSC certified, Soy Ink, Eco Label). Preange is dedicated to reducing unnecessary loss of resources by applying eco-friendly materials such as FSC-certified paper, soybean oil printing, and eco-labels.
Contains angelica, an angel’s herb