Oriental herbal cosmetics that restore the original vitality of the skin through continuous circulation.
  • Infinite circulation, the essence of beauty that ZAIN believes in
    Nature maintains harmony and balance by circulating continuously. From the vast cycle of the universe to the cycle of the four seasons -spring, summer, autumn and winter- to the cycle of water We have discovered the infinite potential of nature and the principle of circulation in nature, harmonious and balanced with its steady and never-ending flow.
  • Chun-Jeong-Pal-Jin-Dan (concentrated essence), the skin circulation principle that ZAIN focuses on
    ZAIN's Chun-Jeong-Pal-Jin-Dan (concentrated essence)™ a formula containing eight precious medicinal herbs developed through years of tireless research, helps the skin to circulate continuously through the ideal mixing ratio of good ingredients based on the Oriental medicine principle of ‘Chil-Jeong.’
  • 100% domestic medicinal herbs certified for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
    ZAIN insists on using only 100% domestic medicinal herbs that have been certified for Good Agricultural Practices that apply to the safety of medicinal ingredients.
    Chun-Jeong-Pal-Jin-Dan (concentrated essence)™ contains 8 kinds of precious medicinal herbs and fully delivers the efficacy of all the herbs to the skin.
  • ZAIN's exclusive decoction method that adheres to traditional methods
    Just because good ingredients are used doesn't mean that an herbal medicine will be effective. The efficacy has been doubled through care for others and a sincere decoction method. Chun-Jeong-Pal-Jin-Dan (concentrated essence)™ contains only the circulating Oriental herbal concentrates created through the traditional wet double-boiling method that heats ingredients for a long time instead of heating them directly.
Circulation Oriental Herbal Cosmetic Brand